The Simpsons Season 22

The Simpsons Season 22

by resource_teraboxpublished on May 19, 2023

You're watching The Simpsons Season 22 full movie online free at 4Khotvideo.In season 22, Lisa attends a performing arts camp and is encouraged by her supervisor and fellow campers to "embrace her creative side." When she returns, Lisa is unable to readjust to normal life and tries to recapture her "inner hipster". Although Nelson met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and dropped out of school, Lisa uses the money her grandfather, Grandfather Simpson, provides her as part of his fortune to help finance Nelson's cycling business. Lisa tries to convey the value of education to Nelson after helping him believe that he can succeed. To watch The Simpsons Season 22 free at 4Khotvideo just click WATCH NOW without signing up or any delay.

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Director:Mark Kirkland

Role:Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer

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