Break Point Season 1
In this action-packed season, we embark on a journey with some of the world's most talented tennis players, witnessing their greatest moments and Grand Slam tournaments.
Sky Rojo Season 3
Coral, Wendy and Gina go on the run in search of freedom while being chased by Romeo, their pimp from Las Novias Club and his henchmen, Moises and Christian.
The Last of Us Season 1
After the unknown fungus epidemic raged in the United States, people infected by the fungus turned into terrible monsters. Joel agreed to send the little girl Ellie to the designated place in exchange for the weapon, and the two started a relationship. A long journey across America.
Crash Course in Romance Season 1
A kind-hearted mother struggles to cope with the fierce competition in the private education world and helps her daughter squeeze into the class of a famous mathematics teacher. When these two people from different worlds meet each other, subtle and romantic chemical changes also occur.
The Makanai Cooking for the Maiko House Season 1
Adapted from the manga of the same name by Aiko Koyama, with the flower street in Kyoto as the stage, through the gorgeous world of geisha and delicious cuisine, it tells the story of Jidai (played by Nana Mori) who lives with the maikos and is in charge of their cooking, and who also comes from Aomori The daily life of my friend Sumire (played by Natsuki Mizumi) who is a maiko.
Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist Season 2
Choice Husband Season 1
Shen Miao, the daughter of the richest man, has a wealth of wealth and good looks, but she has become a "desire to marry" that no one dares to marry in Yangzhou City. There was no other reason, but because Shen Miao married very well the previous two times. Pei Yanzhen, a scholar who was the first to marry an official for generations, has a gentle personality like jade, and he can be regarded as harmonious after getting along for a long time. Unexpectedly, the imperial decree came and the two were forced to separate. By mistake, Shen Miao married Song Xiyuan, the son of a wealthy businessman, for the second time. However, after only two months of marriage, Shen Miao was diagnosed with a happy pulse. People from all walks of life had different opinions on the time of pregnancy. Can make up again. As the saying goes, two ex-husbands sing green willows, and a group of matchmakers go to the blue sky. Shen Miao was open-minded by nature and was about to actively go on a blind date, but the two ex-husbands came to her at the same time. The love, hatred and hatred between the three of them, who were constantly arguing and still chaotic, slowly unfolded under the cover of the court's conspiracy...
Vikings Valhalla Season 2
Set over a thousand years ago in the early 11th century, Vikings Valhalla Season 2 chronicles the adventures of some of the most famous Vikings of all time: legendary explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Cole) Lite), his fiery and willful sister Fredis Alexdott (Frieda Gustafsson), and the ambitious Nordic prince Harald Sigurd Pine (Leo Suter). The second season's storyline takes place shortly after the heroes' defeat at Kattegat; an event that shatters their dreams and changes their destiny. They find themselves suddenly Scandinavian fugitives, forced to test their ambition and mettle in a world beyond the Kattegat.
Kung Fu Panda The Dragon Knight Season 2
Woman of the Dead Season 1
A vengeful woman's quest to track down her husband's killer uncovers the town's deepest, ugliest secrets.
Ginny & Georgia Season 2
Alpha Males Season 1
Pedro, Luis, Raúl and Santi are four friends who feel a bit lost in the new world of empowered women, each trying to adjust in their own haphazard way.
Cutie Pie 2 You Season 1
Kuea has just graduated and Lian is excited to start planning their wedding but there is a dream that is holding Kuea back. Will this affect their relationship?Although Yi took some time to open up about his feelings and admit he loves Khondiao, what new challenges will they be facing now?Lastly, will Nuea and Syn define their budding relationship?
Payback Money and Power Season 1
This film tells the story of how the chairman of a private equity fund, who is regarded as his own by the "French Money" organization colluding with the procuratorial department and the chaebol, fights against the organization to the end to practice justice.
Meet Yourself Season 1
Because of the death of her best friend, Xu Hongdou fell into a trough in her life and work. She went to the "windy courtyard" in Yunmiao Village, Dali alone to rest and adjust. There, she met Xie Zhiyao, a local who resigned from a high-paying job and returned to his hometown to start a business, and a group of peers from big cities. In daily interactions, Xie Zhiyao felt Xu Hongdou's kindness and seriousness, so he invited Xu Hongdou to use her years of experience in the hotel industry to help local employees improve their service awareness and help develop cultural tourism in Yunmiao Village. At the same time, Xu Hongdou was also moved by Xie Zhiyao's ideal of building a hometown so that the villagers can be strong, useful and old-age. The two fell in love with each other and finally came together. In Dali, Xu Hongdou and other people in the small courtyard were moved by the hard work and tenacity of the local villagers and their ups and downs of life. They re-examined the past, helped and inspired each other, and settled down in a windy place. Gain the strength to start again.
The Rig Season 1

The Rig Season 1

2 weeks ago
Set on the Kishorn Bravo oil rig in the treacherous waters of the North Sea off the coast of Scotland, the crew are about to return to the mainland when a mysterious, all-encompassing fog sweeps in and they find themselves at odds with shore and the outside world. All ties have been severed. When the rig is shaken violently, the crew scrambles to discover what is driving this unknown force, but a fateful accident forces them to question who they can really trust.
The King of Pigs Season 1
This is a horror drama about school violence. It mainly tells the story of those who adapt to violence and power in the small society of middle school. They are called "pigs". A story of resistance. Cartoons have attracted much attention at major awards ceremonies.
Single’s Inferno Season 2
Handsome men and women are trapped in "Hell Island", and there is only one way to escape: become a couple with someone every night. Those who are successfully matched can move to "Paradise Island" that night to enjoy high-quality food and accommodation, while those who do not find a partner will have to support themselves on "Hell Island" at night.
HIStory5 Love in the Future Season 1
Tai Che Ni is a cheerful and diligent delivery worker in the year 2000. He has been given an item to deliver to a man named Hai Yi. But something very strange happens to him – and he suddenly finds himself transported 22 years into the the year 2022! He finds Hai Yi, the young heir to a massively lucrative business group empire.At first, Tai Che Ni is utterly distraught by the fact that he has been brought to the year 2022 – and longs to return “home” to 2000. But as he begins to spend time with Hai Yi, he starts to become attracted to him – and discovers a tender side to the business heir that many of his acquaintances have never seen before. Could he find happiness here in 2022? Or will the pull of the past separate this duo? Meanwhile, love could also be set to bloom between a seemingly cold-hearted company manager Liang Wen Hsen, and the office’s newest recruit – a tender-hearted orphan named Lin Huai En.
Brain Cooperation Season 1
This drama mainly tells the story of two men who can't wait to kill each other, cooperate to solve crimes caused by rare brain diseases, and carry out funny investigations. Jung Yong-hwa plays Shin Ha-ro, a neuroscientist with an extraordinary brain but behaves strangely, and Cha Tae-hyun plays Kim Myung-se, a detective with a foolish brain and a kind personality.
Big Bet Season 1

Big Bet Season 1

3 weeks ago
"Casinos in the Philippines will be taken over by Cha Wushi!" In 2000, Wushi, who survived orphanages, prisons, special forces, and even worked as an English lecturer with his unique tenacity, was arrested by the National Tax Service while running a casino bar. fled to the Philippines. With his excellent adaptability and perseverance, Wu Shi won the favor of Chairman Min he met in the local area, and officially launched his casino business. He mastered the political and economic circles of the Philippines with his strategy, and even met the king maker Daniel, and his casino business flourished. However, the sudden death of Chairman Min made Wu Shi a suspect, and he fled all the way while wrestling with the forces that contained him. Coupled with the betrayal of younger brothers whom he trusted in the past, the South Korean police began to track him down again. Money At present, people are fighting fiercely in various betrayals and life-and-death junctures. Who will be the last to sit on the throne?
The Glory Season 1
A woman suffered horrific abuse while she was in high school. After many years, she puts into practice her carefully crafted revenge plan to make her perpetrators pay for her crimes.
Madoff The Monster of Wall Street Season 1
This docuseries chronicles the ups and downs of financier Bernard Madoff, who orchestrated the largest Ponzi scheme in Wall Street history.
The Lying Life of Adults Season 1
Giovanna's pretty face is changing, turning ugly, at least so her father thinks. Giovanna, he says, looks more like her Aunt Vittoria every day. But can it be true? Is she really changing? Is she turning into her Aunt Vittoria, a woman she hardly knows but whom her mother and father clearly despise? Surely there is a mirror somewhere in which she can see herself as she truly is.
Lady Voyeur Season 1
Kaleidoscope Season 1
A mobster and his gang plan an elaborate $7 billion heist. However, betrayal, greed and other threats put their plans in jeopardy.
Treason Season 1

Treason Season 1

3 weeks ago
When a reunion with a Russian spy forces the deputy head of MI6 to question his life, his bright future is upended.
Gannibal Season 1
The police officer Achuan Daigo, who closed his daughter's heart because of the incident he caused, took his family to move to the rural village "Gonghua Village", but discovered the fact that a child in the village was eaten. While he desperately confronted the villagers in order to atone for his daughter, he was gradually swallowed by the violence and madness hidden in his heart.
Island Season 1

Island Season 1

3 weeks ago
In order to destroy the world, the evil forces that are ready to move finally take action, and the mysterious island of Jeju Island has become a gateway that is about to be devoured by evil. Therefore, "Ban" who is half human and half demon, "Wonmei Lake" who stands at the crossroads of human destiny, and "John" who exercises power for God gathers in Jeju Island. In this wondrous and charming exorcism fantasy action movie, they jointly shoulder the mission of fighting evil and saving the world, while also facing their own ups and downs.
Unchained Love Season 1
It is a love story between a "fake eunuch" who pretends to be a fake eunuch and a woman who is forced to be buried. The hero Xiao Duo bears the burden of humiliation and ascends to power, just to catch the murderer and avenge his younger brother. Seemingly ruthless, but after meeting Bu Yinlou, he let go of his hatred and was redeemed. The heroine Buyinlou was used by her parents and persecuted by the new emperor. In order to seek true love, she bravely broke through the shackles of feudal imperial power. Smart and chivalrous, with a koi, he healed the trauma and gained courage after meeting Xiao Duo.
My School President Season 1
Student council president Tinn has a crush on Gun, who is the head of the music club and lead singer of the band Chinzhilla. As the principal's son, Tinn was instructed to eliminate any clubs that did not enhance the school's reputation. The music club tops the list, so Tinn is Gun's enemy number one. To make matters worse, the newest member of the club is a talented and charismatic singer who has a close relationship with music. How can Tinn compete with that? To save his club, Gun vowed to enslave Tinn, and he wouldn't be stupid enough to refuse such an offer. When Tinn learns that Chinzhilla has a rule that band members can't date until they win a Hot Wave music competition, he vows to do whatever it takes to help them do so. ~~ Adapted from the novel "My Boyfriend is the President" (แฟนผมเป็นประธาน) by Purusafa (พฤษภา).
Midnight Motel Season 1
Mote works the night shift at a hotel earning money in order to pay off his debts. There, he gets to know sex worker Kat, stepping in when Kat gets into a violent altercation with her employer Sun. The pair of fuckups unexpectedly come together when they develop an idea for a sex work app to get out of debt. In order for their business to survive, they need to find an investor. This will ultimately lead them into a most dangerous case of murder.
10 Years Ticket Season 1
Pukao and Kongkwan were childhood friends, as their families were always close. But all of their lives turned into hell ten years ago, when Kongwan’s sister murdered Pukao’s brother, destroying both of their families and also Pukao and Kongkwan’s group of friends. Pukao not only lost his brother but also his father who left him and his mother and Kongkwan’s family was labeled as a murderous family while her sister took a heavy jail sentence. Ever since then, Pukao never stopped getting revenge on Kongkwan, despite the fact that she was innocent, blaming her for being the sister of his brother’s murderer. By doing so, he divided his friends who could not accept his treatment towards Kongkwan, especially the one who was like a brother to him, who would not accept any mistreatment towards Kongkwan, even from his best friend, even if that means severing their friendship.
The Warp Effect Season 1
Alex is a shy 17-year-old who is still the only virgin in his group of friends. He tried several times to lose his virginity, but failed happily. One day he wakes up to find himself in another setting, where he is no longer a virgin, but a relationship specialist and gynecologist. However, his old friends hate him for some reason, and become close to a new group of people. Additionally, a mysterious set of images has emerged that may give clues as to what happened to this transformation. Can Alex resolve an argument with an old friend and solve the photo mystery?
Never Let Me Go Season 1
Nueng, the son of a mafia leader, has been lonely all his life due to his father's position. However, one day his father is killed and Nueng is forced to take the reins in his place. His mother appoints Palm, an elderly country guy, to be his bodyguard and protect him from dangers in and out of school. However, one person would like to see Nueng dead: his uncle who aims to become the next Mafia leader. Will Palm successfully protect Nueng from the dangers balanced by his uncle, as the two begin to fall in love?
Song of the Moon Season 1
For the joy of being with the mysterious man for three days, the girl Liu Shao traded away her life's destiny. In order to protect the common people and their loved ones, they have gone through hardships and ups and downs, devoted their lives, and promised to the king. Can they break through fate and change the ending?
The Best Man The Final Chapters Season 1
Catch up with Harper, Robyn, Jordan, Lance, Quentin, Shelby, Candace, and Murch as their relationships evolve and past grievances resurface in the unpredictable stages of midlife crisis meets midlife renaissance.
1923 Season 1

1923 Season 1

1 month ago
This show follows another generation of the Dutton family as they struggled to overcome the hardships of the time, including the Westward Movement, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.
The Blood Of Youth Season 1
This drama tells the story of the fledgling young knight Lei Wujie, who strayed into Xueluo Mountain Villa on his way to Xueyuecheng, the largest city in the rivers and lakes, and was involved in a sensational event that caused a sensation in the whole rivers and lakes.Adapted from the novel "Shao Nian Ge Xing" (少年歌行) by Zhou Mu Nan (周木楠).
Homesick Season 1
The story takes place in the small town of Tanling in the 1990s. The orphan Chen Youxi (played by Zhang Zifeng) broke into the Li family as "Li Wenwen", the daughter of the Li family who was lost many years ago, in order to find her missing good sister Xiaoxiu. Surrounded by the warmth of her family, Chen Youxi gradually let go of her suspicions, but she discovered that lies, conspiracy, crime and death were hidden behind the "warmth". Before she knew it, Chen Youxi had stepped into a dangerous situation...
Korea No

Korea No

1 month ago
Celebrity hosts meet the masters of Korean traditional culture and experience firsthand the hard work that goes into making them the best.
The Fabulous Season 1
A story of people who have devoted their lives to the fashion industry and struggle to survive there.Ji Woo Min is a freelance retoucher, who is responsible for improving photographs. He is good looking and competent at his job, but he's not passionate about his work or with love.Since Pyo Ji Eun was little, she dreamed of working in the fashion field. She now works as the section chief of a luxury brand promotion agency. While she struggles to survive in the fashion field, she maintains herself with a bright personality and positive energy.
Missing The Other Side Season 2
3 Gongdan is a village where missing deceased people, including Kang Eun Sil and Oh Il Yong, stay. Meanwhile, Kim Wook, Jang Pan Seok, Lee Jong A, and Detective Shin Joon Ho try to find the bodies of missing people and chase after the truth behind their deaths.
The Witcher Blood Origin Season 1
Set in an elven world 1,200 years before the world of The Witcher, Blood Origins will tell a story lost to time -- the creation of the first prototype Witcher, and the events that lead to the pivotal 'conjunction of the spheres,' when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.
The Interests of Love Season 1
Takes place at Nara Bank’s Yeongpo branch, which is celebrating the 99th anniversary of its foundation. The story focuses on the scandalous office romance between the characters Ha Sang Soo, Ahn Soo Young, Park Mi Kyung, and Jung Jong Hyun. Ha Sang Soo, the senior head of the comprehensive consultation team at Nara Bank’s Yeongpo branch. Ha Sang Soo has had this position for three years already, and he is a handsome, intelligent, and sturdy person who will not waver in the face of life’s difficulties. Although he is an upright character, Ha Sang Soo is not cold or too formal but rather warmhearted with a humorous side. Not to mention, he has an athletic form fit for a national athlete rather than a bank employee. He entered his job as the top employee from Nara Bank’s training center, so he is very popular but also the source of envy for many others.Ahn Soo Young is a fourth-year chief bank teller at Nara Bank’s Yeongpo branch. Known as the goddess of Yeongpo branch, she possesses gorgeous looks and a sweet voice. She started off as a part-time teller and is now a fourth-year chief, but she seems to be forever stuck at that level.Park Mi Kyung comes from a rich family. She is self-assertive and quite open about her feelings. When she has someone that she likes, she makes that person join her side no matter what. She enters a relationship that doesn't go as she wishes.Jung Jong Hyun is studying for an exam to become a police officer. He has a personality that drives him do his best in everything. He lives in a harsh situation. Adapted from the novel "Sarangui Ihae" (사랑의 이해) by Lee Hyuk Jin (이혁진).
Emily in Paris Season 3
I Am a Killer Season 4
Premeditated deeds, tragic accidents or acts of self-defense? Murderers recount the harrowing crimes that landed them in prison with life sentences.
Women Walk the Line Season 1
Yuan Ge and Gu Qiao are a pair of sisters from a small town. When they graduated, one chose to stay in Shanghai to work hard, and the other chose to return to the small town to be a good wife. In the nearly 30-year-old, the two encountered unprecedented difficulties one after another. Yuan Ge has only focused on work for many years, and neglected her emotional life. At the same time, she also suffered from physical problems. She began to try to change herself; . This pair of sisters has completely different personalities, but they are equally tenacious and brave, and they are not afraid of falling. In Shanghai, a metropolis full of opportunities but at the same time easy to get lost, they always persist and work together to overcome the difficulties of life. Helping each other and achieving each other, in the end the two have gained something in their respective workplaces and emotions, and together they have completed the transformation of youth and ushered in a brand new 30 years old.
Alice in borderland season 2
Arisu Ryohei and Usagi Yuzuha have been pursuing the mystery of “borderland”, risking their lives in games in order to survive and return to their world. The two of them encounter friends, foes and the mastermind who controls the game at a location believed to be the key to unravelling the mystery. They have collected the numbered cards each time they won a game. All that remains are the jack, queen and king cards. The games they face this round will be of greater difficulty than the ones that came before.Adapted from the manga series "Imawa no Kuni no Alice" by Haro Aso.z
Trolley Season 1

Trolley Season 1

1 month ago
A sudden tragedy forces the congressman's wife to step out of her private world and confront family secrets and her own traumatic past.
Paradise PD Season 4
Summer Job Season 1
The first Italian Netflix original reality show. 10 young men and women with no working experience initially enjoy the vacation treatment, but soon these people have to start their first jobs. Mathilde Gioni meets the audience for the first time as host. Ten young contestants embark on a dream vacation. But in order to live in a luxury villa and win a grand prize of 100,000 euros, they must find a real job.
Doom Patrol Season 4
His Dark Materials Season 3
Glitter Season 1

Glitter Season 1

1 month ago
A sentimental journey to the colorful Poland of the seventies, showing independent women who live by their own rules and tackle social taboos head-on.
A Storm for Christmas Season 1
A group of people arrive at Oslo airport. Some to welcome their loved ones, some to fly home to their families, and some who want to fly away and escape Christmas. But in one way or another, their Christmas mission goes awry. They are all stranded at the airport and the clock is ticking only 24 hours til Christmas so what do they do?
The Flatshare Season 1
Tiffy and Leon share a bed, He has it through the day and she sleeps on the left side at night, They haven't met yet and only communicate through post it notes Tiffy is a smart young journalist for a small online magazine and Leo is a nurse in a care home. Friends, relationships work and family are a constant juggle for these two.
Far from Home Season 1
A financially struggling teen finds himself in the world of luxury after a prestigious scholarship sends him to an exclusive school for the one percent.
The Recruit Season 1
Owen Hendricks, a young CIA lawyer whose first week on the job turns upside down when he discovers a threatening letter by former asset Max Meladze, who plans to expose the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime. Owen quickly becomes entangled in a dangerous and often absurd world of power politics and mischievous players, as he travels the world in hopes of completing his assignment and making a mark at the CIA.
Sonic Prime Season 1
Sonic in a high-octane adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in his gloved hands.

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