Inside Man Season 1
A prisoner on death row in the US and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage, cross paths in the most unexpected way.
The Golden Spoon Season 1
Would you trade your poor but loving family for a life of riches? When Seung Cheon gets his hands on a magical spoon that allows him to switch lives with his rich best friend, he thinks it's a no-brainer. But life-altering decisions are always accompanied by a sense of doubt, and with only three chances to change his mind, Seung Cheon has to decide which of his two possible futures is worth keeping.
The Night Agent Season 1
Low-level FBI agent, Peter Sutherland, works in the basement of the White House manning a phone that never rings--until the night it does--propelling him into a conspiracy that leads all the way to the Oval Office.
Weak Hero Class 1 Season1
The action growth drama "Fragile Hero" tells the story of a congenitally fragile boy who uses his brain, tools, and psychology to fight. It is a work that makes people look forward to the birth of a new hero. Directed by director Ryu Soo-min, who won the best work award at the mise en scene short film festival, Park Ji-hoon will play the lead role of Yeon-ji-eun.
Todos mienten Season 1
The peaceful life of the residents of the coastal urbanization of Belmonte changes radically the day a sex video of Macarena, a school teacher, and Iván, one of her adult students, appears on the networks. This event shakes the lives of all of them, especially Macarena, who is repudiated by her family and neighbors, including Ana, her best friend and Iván's mother. Things in the town get even more complicated when the lifeless body of one of Belmonte's inhabitants appears on the cliff. Whose body is it? Does this death have something to do with the sex video of the teacher and the student?
Echo 3 Season 1

Echo 3 Season 1

1 year ago
When Amber Chesborough goes missing along the Colombia-Venezuela border, her brother and her husband struggle to find her against the backdrop of a secret war.
Leopard Skin Season 1
A criminal gang fleeing a botched jewelry heist is forced to hide out in a beach side estate where two women live in seclusion. Their world turns into a tension filled hothouse of secrets, betrayal and desire.
Alice in borderland season 2
Arisu Ryohei and Usagi Yuzuha have been pursuing the mystery of “borderland”, risking their lives in games in order to survive and return to their world. The two of them encounter friends, foes and the mastermind who controls the game at a location believed to be the key to unravelling the mystery. They have collected the numbered cards each time they won a game. All that remains are the jack, queen and king cards. The games they face this round will be of greater difficulty than the ones that came before.Adapted from the manga series "Imawa no Kuni no Alice" by Haro Aso.z
Elite Season 6

Elite Season 6

1 year ago
Las Encinas is the most exclusive school in the country, where the Elite sends their children to study. Three working-class teens have just been admitted as new students after an earthquake destroyed their school. The clash between those who have everything and those who have nothing to lose creates a perfect storm that ends in a murder. Who committed the crime?
Slow Horses Season 2
Slough House is a dumping ground for members of the intelligence service who've screwed up: left a service file on a train, blown a surveillance, or become drunkenly unreliable. They're the service's poor relations. The slow horses and most bitter among them is River Cartwright, whose days are spent transcribing mobile-phone conversations. But when a young man is abducted, and his kidnappers threaten to behead him live on the Internet, River sees an opportunity to redeem himself. But is the victim who he first appears to be? And what's the kidnappers' connection with a disgraced journalist? As the clock ticks on the execution, River finds that everyone involved has their own agenda.
Without Sin Season 1
Explores the relationship which develops between a grieving mother and the man she believes murdered her daughter.
Ben Gri Season 1
Fuat is a successful and respected lawyer. One day a bad incident happened to his daughter. The series will convey to the audience how Fuat, while trying to avenge his daughter's incident, confronts the darkness within himself and tries to achieve his own justice, along with the mysterious messages that come to his phone.
The Traitors Season 1
Contestants in the game move into a majestic castle and work as a team to complete a series of dramatic and challenging missions to earn money for the prize pot. Some contestants are traitors some are loyal.
Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2
Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea. With hostages trapped inside, the police must stop them — as well as the shadowy mastermind behind it all.
Vale dos Esquecidos Season 1
A group of young explorers get lost on a trail and end up in a peculiar village hidden under an eternal mist.
Bali 2002 Season 1
Based on the 2002 terrorist attacks on Bali's tourist hotspots, explores how everyday heroes from Bali, Australia and beyond defied the odds to bring order from chaos and hope from despair.
A Spy Among Friends Season 1
A Spy Among Friends follows the defection of notorious British intelligence officer and KGB double agent, Kim Philby, played by Mare of Easttown's Pearce, through the lens of his complex relationship with MI6 colleague and close friend, Nicholas Elliott (Lewis).
The Rig Season 1
The drama will be set on the Kinloch Bravo oil rig, stationed off the Scottish coast in the dangerous waters of the North Sea. When the crew is due to return to the mainland, a mysterious and all-enveloping fog rolls through and they find themselves cut off from all communication with the shore and the outside world. As the rig is hit by massive tremors, the crew endeavor to discover what's driving the unknown force. But a major accident forces them to ask questions about who they can really trust.
Phrogging Hider in My House Season 1
It tells first-hand accounts of survivors sharing the most skin-crawling, twisted, and terrifying stories.
A Town Called Malice Season 1
This intoxicating cocktail of crime thriller and family saga in the early '80s follows the Lords - a family of South London gangsters - who recognise a golden opportunity to re-capture their former glory on the Costa Del Sol.
Astey Ladies Season 1 (2020)
Astey Ladies is a Bengali web series streaming on Benali OTT platform hoichoi from 14th March 2019. Hte story of Astey Ladies revolves around the lives of three women Megha, Tani & Lima whose lives depended on their beauty and styling parlour, Salon De Paris.
Auto Shankar Season 1 (2020)
The story is based on horrifying true incidents that happened between 1985 – 1995 in Chennai.
Aurat Gardi (Urdu) Season 1 (2021)
The story lies in a misogynist society where women face patriarchy, Sexism, racism, and economic inequality, and many more. And when women raise their voice for their rights they often faced violence in return.
Bar Code Season 1 (2020)
Sahil Chopra owns VIBE, the best nightclub in Mumbai. While Sahil is all set to launch the VIP Lounge in VIBE, his rival Vicky Arora, owner of REHAB nightclub, goes back in time and remembers their good old friendship days and how it all turned into rivalry.
Bard of Blood Season 1 (2020)
Excommunicated RAW agent Kabir Anand, a courageous analyst and a sleeper agent take on a covert mission in Balochistan when four Indian spies are captured; the mission soon turns south and Kabir must face his demons from the past.
Beehad Ka Baghi Season 1 (2020)
Beehad Ka Baghi is an Indian web series, which is directed by Ritam Srivastava. The story of series is inspired by true events, this 5 episodic drama highlights the life of a Baghi who rebelled against the atrocities committed against his family.
Bekaaboo Season 2 (2021)
Bekaaboo is back with a brand new steaming-hot season. This time around, Bekaaboo Season 2 is a story of a bestselling author, Anaysha who has recently gained popularity for her book. As her literary piece rises to fame, her attitude towards life and some of her personal relationships start changing. The show, Bekaaboo Season 2 web series is a twisted tale of fame, hate, revenge, and murder. So, what happens to Anaysha? Does she kill someone? Who is the closest person in her life?
Bekaaboo Season 1 (2020)
Kiyaan Roy’s bestselling erotica novel gifts him a life that appears as perfect as a dream. However, the deepest corners of his heart desire for a different kind of pleasure; a wild pleasure that comes with pain. One day he realizes that someone has been watching him and knows his secret. Someone, who is equally obsessed with the pleasure in pain. Surprised at his luck and tempted by the opportunity, he sets out to explore his dark fantasies with her. But things turn out to be wilder than his imagination and he ends up at the verge of losing everything he ever had-right from his reputation and career, to his family and fiancée. Will Kiyaan be able to reclaim his perfect life, or lose it all in this chase for the thrill in pain?
Bhaukaal Season 1 (2020)
Bhaukaal, is the story of SSP Naveen Sikhera, who cleanses the city of Muzaffarnagar infested with criminals. The city is in a state of chaos and utter lawlessness. When Naveen Sikhera joins Muzzafarnagar as the new SSP, he is challenged by utter despair of people living under the fear of local gangs. He reforms the police and nabs any and every effort of the criminals to take control of the city. Indeed, his heroic mission is to make Muzzafarnagar from a ‘crime capital’ to a ‘peace capital’.
Bhanwar Season 1 (2020)
Bhanwar is a ZEE5 Original suspense thriller series starring Karanvir Bohra, Priya Banerjee, Teejay Sidhu, and Mantra. A couple moves into a new apartment and discovers that the place is already occupied by their own ghosts. They soon realise they have time travelled and can see the person who killed them.
Bhaukaal Season 2 (2022)
Bhaukaal 2 is an Indian web series directed by Jatin Wagle. The series features an ensemble cast including Mohit Raina, Bidita Bag, Siddhanth Kapoor, Pradeep Nagar, Gulki Joshi, Ajay Singh Chaudhary and Rashmi Rajput. The series is made under the banner of Applause Entertainment in association of Baweja Movies.
Churails Season 1 (2020)
Churails is a ZEE5 Exclusive Zindagi Original series starring Sarwat Gillani, Mehar Bano, Nirma Bucha, and Yasra Rizvi. Set in Karachi, the series revolves around four young women who form a secret detective agency under the guise of a fashion store named ‘Halal Designs’ with the purpose of finding and exposing unfaithful husbands amongst Karachi’s elite.
Charitraheen Season 1 (2020)
Four friends Savitri, Kiranmayi, Surbala and Sarojini are considered too advanced for the society and out of the four, Savitri and Kiranmayi are accused of having a bad character.
Charitraheen Season 2 (2021)
Hoichoi Originals presents “Charitraheen”, based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, with the twists and turns being much in sync with today’s world.
Charitraheen Season 3 (2021)
Hoichoi Originals presents “Charitraheen”, based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, with the twists and turns being much in sync with today’s world.
Code M Season 1 (2020)
Code M is an Indian Hindi drama web series created and produced by Juggernaut Productions for ALT Balaji and ZEE5. The series stars Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani and Rajat Kapoor.
Codename Gondya Season 1 (2020)
Codename Gondya Ala Re is a marathi thriller, action web-series starring Bhushan Pradhan, Kshitish Date, Shivraj Vaichal and Anand Ingale.
Crime Next Door Season 1 (2021)
Crime Next Door is an Indian mini web series. The series stars Yashpal Sharma, Mohan Kapur, Rajendra Gupta, Girish Kulkarni and Anupriya Goenka. The series has been made under banner of Neela Film Productions. In this gripping crime thriller, a police officer solves some of the most heinous and toughest murder cases of his entire career.
Crimes And Confessions Season 1 (2021)
Crimes And Confessions is an ALTBalaji internet collection. On this internet collection Ankit Bathla, Samikssha Bhatnagar, Shweta Gulati, Lekha Prajapati, Ankita Chakraborty, Sushant Kandya, Ashmith Kunder, Prerika Arora, Pradeep Duhan, Ashish Trivedi, Aarti Gupta, Manoj Karna​ within the main roles.
Crime of Desire (Bonyo Premer Golpo 2) Season 1 (2021)
A story about how far a person can go in love?? How could something as beautiful as love, shape something as ugly as murder? Bonyo Premer Golpo a thriller story that brings you the wilder side of love.
Criminal Justice Season 1 (2020)
Criminal Justice is an Indian series based on Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat, adapted for India by Shridhar Raghavan streaming on Hotstar on its new label Hotstar Specials on 5 April 2019.
Dahan Raakan Ka Rahasya Season 1 (2022)
A disgraced IAS Officer sets out to vindicate herself and takes up a strange case in Shilaspura,a land with occult practices.
Daav Season 1 (2021)
Life has been going too well for rich spoilt brat Shaurya until the arrival of Durga in town. The past comes back haunting as a deadly game begins.
Dai (Urdu) Season 1 (2021)
A dark tale of a criminal minded demented woman who performs illegal abortion, thus murdering the unborn and mother both in many cases. She performs such out of her greed , hatred and betrayal from her past. The characters portrayed are all unique engaging in fine creativity with their respective roles thus providing an unforgettable experience for the audience to watch.
Dangerous Season 1 (2020)
Revolves around the life of Aditya Dhanraj (Karan Singh Grover), a young struggling entrepreneur, who discovers that his wife Diya Dhanraj (Sonali Raut) has gone missing. He sets out to find his wife with the help of the police, only to discover that his ex-girlfriend Neha Singh (Bipasha Basu) will be handling his case. In pursuit of the truth, will they dig into many ‘dangerous’ hidden secrets like murder, kidnapping or even a case of business rivalry? Or is there something more to the case than meets the eye?
Dark 7 White Season 1 (2020)
Dark 7 White is an Indian web series directed by Sattwik Mohanty. Starring Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Jatin Sarna in the lead roles
Dulhan Aur Aik Raat (Urdu) Season 1 (2021)
Web series Dulhan Aur Aik Raat is about a bride’s one-night thriller and whatever mysterious events happen at night. It has suspense, excitement, and a cinematic experience that won’t make you take your eyes off from the screens. The series has been produced by Farhan Gauher written by Mansoor Syed and directed by Rao Ayaz Shahzad.
Drishtibhram Season 1 (2020)
A criminal psychologist Awantika Sinha, profiles a serial killer Shivam Bhargav. As she proceeds, she realizes that she is caught up in the middle of the ultimate quest of right and wrong.
Emotional Atyachaar Season 1 (2021)
Greed soon takes over and he drives off with it, only to be chased by a gang of goons.
Gandii Baat Season 5 (2020)
Gandii Baat is a Hindi web series, directed by Sachin Mohite for ALTBalaji. It is also available on ZEE5 and the Anveshi Jain Official App. Each episode in the series features a separate erotic-themed story from rural India.
Ghoul Season 1 (2020)
When a new prisoner arrives at a military detention center exhibiting eerie behavior, young interrogator Nida Rahim searches for the truth. Her quest becomes a battle for survival when the prisoner, sect leader Ali Saeed, turns the tables on Nida and the other interrogators, exposing their most shameful secrets. Nida ultimately discovers a ghoul inhabiting Saeed and — after telling her colleagues about it — learns the alarming truth about what its presence reveals.
Faceless Season 1 (2020)
Its a suspense thriller series with a punch of Romance between the IPS officer and Girl of victim family.
Flip Season 1 (2020)
Flip is a series of four short stories, each, telling the tale of one or many occurrences that cause a complete 180 degree turn around in the people, situations or perspectives inhabiting that tale.
Hello Mini Season 1 (2020)
A thriller drama series, revolving around Rivanah Bannerjee, an independent girl, living alone in Mumbai. She has the perfect life: doting parents, a loving boyfriend, and a great job. But things are seldom what they seem, as her life is in danger. Someone has been following, watching her every move, trying to get control over her life. At first, she thinks it’s a secret admirer. But the person following her is he or she?
Hawala Season 1 (2020)
Hawala is a 2019 ZEE5 Telugu suspense thriller Original series starring Gourish Yeleti, Anusha, Tarun Rohith and Jayasree Kshatriya.
Hello Mini 3 Season 1 (2021)
Hello Mini is a thriller and romantic web series that takes you through the story of a stalker who is both a blessing and a curse. Directed by Faruk Kabir, and BOOK ADAPTATION written by the popular novelist Novoneel Chakraborty & Croctales. The web show features Anuja Joshi, Priya Benerjee and Arjun Aneja in the lead roles.
Hello Season 2 (2021)
After a gap of more than one-year hoichoi released the second season of hello with 8 episodes. The story begins where it was ended in season 1, The cast remains the same as season 1.
Hello Season 3 (2021)
In season 3, there would be a new male protagonist, which would surely spice up the chemistry between Nandita and Nina.
Hostages Season 1 (2020)
Hostages is an Indian crime thriller web video series directed by Sudhir Mishra. It is an official adaptation of an Israeli series of the same name. The series is streaming in seven Indian languages on Hotstar and stars Tisca Chopra, Ronit Roy, Parvin Dabas, Aashim Gulati and Mohan Kapoor.
Mai – A Mothers Rage Season 1 (2022)
Mai is an Indian crime thriller web series and will be released on 15th April 2022 on the Netflix OTT platform. This web series revolves around the story of a mother who wants to take revenge for her daughter’s death. The Mai web series is a crime series in which actresses Sakshi Tanwar, Raima Sen, Wamiqa Gabbi, Vivek Mushran, and Seema Pahwa are in the key roles.

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