The Right One

The Right One


You're watching The Right One full movie online free at 4Khotvideo.Godfrey is the story of man so traumatized and guilt ridden by a personal tragedy that he's dealt with it in a profound way: he's decided to be anyone but himself. One day he adopts the persona of an Art Critic, then a College Professor, next a singing Cowboy, followed by a rave DJ, and, unconvincingly, as an Argentinian Ballroom Dancer, among others. Godfrey's coping mechanism keeps him sane, but he's a man who has completely lost the idea of who he is. Enter Sara Dash, a smart, insightful writer with writer's block who struggles with her own sense of self who stumbles across him at a gallery opening. Intrigued by his personas, Sara tries to unravel the mystery of Godfrey, while at the same time using him to write a new novel. A fragile friendship develops between the two - one that is marked by humor, poignancy, self-reflection, and a resolution in which two wounded people are able to help heal each other. To watch The Right One free at 4Khotvideo just click WATCH NOW without signing up or any delay.



Director:Ken Mok

Casts:Iliza Shlesinger , Cleopatra Coleman , Nick Thune , Trezzo Mahoro , Leanne Lapp , Anthony Shim , Nykeem Provo , Carolyn Adair , Lauren McGibbon , Tarun Keram , Calix Fraser , Harry Han , Sunny Chen , MJ Kokolis , David Koechner

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